My Groceries To Go!

My Groceries To Go!

What is My Groceries To Go?

My Groceries to Go! — otherwise known as the Commodity Supplemental Food Program — is a federal initiative that provides vital nutrition to low-income seniors. Through partnerships with local nonprofits like the Maryland Food Bank, the program channels boxes of nutritious USDA foods into elderly communities.

Along with children and the working poor, older Marylanders are among the most at-risk of food insecurity due to circumstances like inconsistent income, limited mobility, and poor health. My Groceries to Go! is critical to ensuring that Maryland’s food-insecure seniors receive the food assistance they need to lead healthy lives.

My Groceries To Go!

Who Can Register?

Any Baltimore City resident 60 years and older living on an income level that is at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines may register for My Groceries to Go!.

In plain terms, this means that a senior living alone can receive assistance only if they have an annual income of $15,301 or less; and for seniors living in a household of two and three people, the income cutoff is increased gradually to $20,709 and $26,117 respectively.

How Does It Work?

Through the My Groceries to Go! program, MFB partners with senior centers and other community organizations across Baltimore City to target populations of low-income seniors who may be eligible to receive assistance.

In advance of distribution events, MFB employees assist clients in filling out their applications with the necessary documentation before processing the application on the spot.

Once registered, clients receive information on when, where, and how they can pick up their monthly box of food. The boxes are heavy — approximately 40 pounds — and we encourage clients to bring a cart or a helping hand when retrieving their supplemental food assistance.

A Great Collaboration

In order to provide our clients with this vital resource, MFB works in partnership with the Maryland Department of Aging and the Baltimore City Area Agencies on Aging, as well as dozens of partners and housing facilities that serve a primarily senior demographic in the city.

Our long-standing relationship with the USDA ensures clear communication, resulting in reliable delivery of USDA food to the food bank each month. This food is then packed into boxes by MFB volunteers for distribution at designated pick-up sites.

Want to Learn More?

To see if you qualify for My Groceries to Go!, call the food bank at (410) 737-8282 and ask for our CSFP Program Coordinator.

You can also check out our fact sheet (PDF) for more information.

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