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How are the Department of Education and the Maryland Food Bank involved?

The Department of Education and the Maryland Food Bank will no longer manage the campaign. The partnerships between the schools and the local food banks or food pantries are the reason that the program is so successful, and we fully expect that you will keep the campaign going, just as you have for years.

How do we register? Do we have to register?

There is no need to register this year. Because the Department of Education and the Maryland Food Bank are no longer managing the program, you can hold your food drive at your discretion.

Do we have to hold the food drive in October?

No, you can hold your food drive at any time, and for any length of time you choose.

When should we start promoting our food drive and how can we get our students and parents involved?

Start approximately two weeks before the event. It’s also helpful to send periodic reminders during the program and one final reminder near the end of the food drive. Download our toolkit for a complete list of ways to promote your school’s event.

How will we know how much food we collected?

The food pantry you donate your food to can let you know how much the food you collected weighed if you ask them.

If we are keeping the food for our school pantry how do we weigh the food?

Because the program is no longer a competition, there is no need to weigh the food.

Will the Maryland Food Bank let us know how we did as compared to other schools?

No, the Maryland Food Bank will not be keeping records of collection totals.

When will our food be picked up?

When you are ready for your food to be picked up, contact your local food pantry; a list of these can be found in the Toolkit.

How should our food be prepped for pick up?

All food must be boxed and easily accessible on the ground floor. Please label all boxes with your school’s name.

Can we drop off the food ourselves?

Yes, to maximize the value of your donation you may deliver to your local food pantry. Please check with them for days and hours of operation.

Is there another way we can support the Maryland Food Bank and its partner agencies?

Yes, you can create a personalized virtual food drive for your school by going to You purchase food online so there’s no heavy lifting. Aside from providing the convenience of not having to navigate a busy grocery store, virtual food drives are used to purchase food at the discounted price that the food bank has facilitated through partnerships with retailers, wholesalers, etc. In short, it is a much more effective way to make a difference in the lives of hungry Marylanders.

You can also mail a check to the Maryland Food Bank or your local food pantry.

What kind of food donations does a food bank need?

You can download a list of our most needed items.

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