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How We Fight Hunger

Our approach is to fight hunger by bringing healthy food into local communities in need while educating the general public.
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The Maryland Food Bank is more than just what our name implies. We seek to identify and address the root causes of hunger, providing pathways to self-sufficiency for all Marylanders.

Community Hunger Intervention Programs

The Maryland Food Bank reduces the stigma of hunger and reduces the need directly through targeted feeding programs.

Ongoing Hunger Awareness Campaigns

The Maryland Food Bank’s fight against hunger takes on added momentum through ongoing awareness campaigns.

Nutrition Education

Learn how to reduce the challenges Marylanders face in eating healthy, balanced meals, from Maryland Food Bank experts.

We Need Your Help

Programs, campaigns, and educational outreach at the Maryland Food Bank relies on the philanthropic support of charitable individuals like you.

Much like our food distribution efforts, outreach activities at the Maryland Food Bank rely on generous donations of money and time.

We hope you’ll consider a contribution.

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