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We support healthy communities by feeding bodies, filling hearts, and opening minds through transformational nutrition experiences.

From our focus on sourcing healthier options to ensuring our community partners are up-to-date on the latest ways to encourage healthy choices and eating, we’re taking a holistic approach to nutrition.

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Our Focus on Nutrition Leads to Better Outcomes for Our Neighbors

We know that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is a basic building block for a healthy lifestyle. At the Maryland Food Bank, “Better Nutrition for a Healthier Maryland” isn’t just a slogan, it’s an underlying principal of MFB 3.0 and a thread that stitches together all of our efforts to help our neighbors in need. Simply put, nutrition is the primary lens through which we view our ability to uplift Maryland by expanding access to nutritious foods and creating pathways out of hunger for more Marylanders.

Recipes & Resources

When neighbors make healthy choices, they have a better opportunity to thrive.

As part of our nutrition education efforts, we keep a robust, regularly updated page full of recipes and tips for eating healthy on a budget, managing chronic disease, seasonal nutrition ideas, and much more.

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Culturally Inclusive Crops

All Marylanders deserve access to fresh fruits and vegetables, no matter where they come from, or where they currently are.

That’s why we’re partnering with statewide organizations like the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the Around the Bay Alliance, and growers in Baltimore City to ensure that every neighbor can use familiar produce as they cook at home with their families.

Additionally, a grant from Feeding America’s Food Security Equity Impact Fund means that we can further address the root causes of hunger by investing in Communities of Color.

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black man in red shirt handing plant to black woman
A neighbor receives lalo (jute leaves) from MFB Network Partner Aaron’s Place

Education/Demonstration Garden

This 5,000-sq-ft. outdoor living classroom offers nutrition education opportunities at our Baltimore location.

Schoolchildren, Network Partners, and FoodWorks chefs learn farming techniques, where food comes from, a variety of sustainability efforts, and more.

“This trip to the Education Garden fits together with getting a bigger picture of what the Maryland Food Bank does, not just seeing a truck drop off food for us. They see not only the food bank’s main location, but the other things that the food bank does with nutrition, getting the word out with how it all comes together in a more global picture, rather than just the view from our pantry.” – Jenni Sparks, Brush Arbor Ministry

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students with teacher in Maryland Food Bank's Education Garden
Brush Arbor Youth Ministry visits the Maryland Food Bank Garden

Farm To Food Bank

The Farm to Food Bank Program encourages Maryland farmers to partner with us through field gleanings, donations, and contract growing.

Our 50+ statewide farm partners provide millions of pounds of nutritious fruits & vegetables to hungry Marylanders every year.

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Farm to Food Bank fresh produce in a corn field from gleaning
Farm to Food Bank volunteers glean fresh produce in a corn field

Local Food Purchase Agreement

The LFPA allows us to keep more nutritious food grown by local farmers, ranchers, and watermen here in Maryland.

This state-funded program connects our hungry neighbors with fresh local food including produce, proteins, and more.

Additionally, a Food Security Equity Impact grant from Feeding America will help us deepen relationships with local organizations that work towards food justice and equitable access efforts.

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Governor Wes Moore announces a local food purchasing grant for the Maryland Food Bank
Governor Wes Moore announces the LFPA for the Maryland Food Bank

Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP)

SWAP helps ensure hungry Marylanders have the knowledge to make healthier choices at our partner pantries.

It also guides how we source the food we distribute to our statewide network of partners.

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SWAP posters in Maryland Food Bank’s Marketplace

Nutrition by the Numbers

In FY22, our focus on sourcing and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables gave more Marylanders, including schoolchildren, the fuel to thrive!

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Pounds of Fresh Produce Distributed


of kids say hunger hurts their performance

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Farm to Food Bank Partners

Watching Out for Nutrition

Check out our latest nutrition education videos.

Supporting MFB & Local Farmers Through the Local Food Purchase Agreement – Press Conference

Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP) Pantry Tour

MFB’s Farm to Food Bank Program: Nutritious Food for Hungry Marylanders

MFB’s Transformative Nutrition Efforts Continue

Latest Nutrition News

Stay up to date on the latest nutrition news from the Maryland Food Bank.

Healthy Snacks & Meals: Neighbor Voice = Better Choice

Healthy Snacks & Meals: Neighbor Voice = Better Choice

Everyone appreciates the ability to simply “grab and go” during busy times—but most ready-to-eat snacks and meals are unhealthy: packed with preservatives, sodium and sugar. Our Healthy Snacks & Meals initiative will offer neighbors healthier, convenient choices.

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Much like our food distribution efforts, outreach activities at the Maryland Food Bank rely on generous donations of money and time.

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