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Join the Fight to End Hunger

Raising money for the Maryland Food Bank is fun, easy, and impactful. Engage your network in the joy of giving.
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You Can Make a Difference

Harness your creativity and passion for ending hunger by hosting an event for the Maryland Food Bank. Every dollar you raise will help us provide one meal to hungry children and families around our state. And with in-person and online options, you can create the perfect event in just a few minutes.

Get Inspired

There are so many different ways that your event can raise money for the Maryland Food Bank. Here are just a few ideas

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Raise donations for your birthday, anniversary, or other big events.

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Host a concert or party, donating the cost of admission.

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Shave your head (or grow a mustache).

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Teach a class on something you’re good at.

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Run, bike, or swim for donations.

Choose Your Event

Explore your options for creating an event to benefit the Maryland Food Bank.

Online Fundraiser

Create an online fundraising campaign for the Maryland Food Bank. Recruit your friends and family to give by hosting an individual fundraiser. Or, create a team fundraiser for your office, club, or another group.

You will receive a unique fundraising webpage that you can easily customize and share with your network. It only takes a few minutes to set up — and your donors can easily make a contribution to your fundraiser via credit card.

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In-Person Event

Do you have a great idea for an event to raise money for the Maryland Food Bank? We want to hear from you! Take a minute to read our Guidelines for Maryland Food Bank Events and brainstorm your ideas. Tell us about your idea by filling out an event proposal form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Traditional Food Drive

Help feed our hungry neighbors by hosting an in-person food drive. Collect canned and nonperishable food items at your school, workplace, or other location. Bring what you collect to one of our three locations across the state, or request pick-up.

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Virtual Food Drive

Like a traditional food drive, virtual food drives help bring food to hungry children and families in your community. But instead of buying and donating a canned item, donors can simply purchase a “virtual can” online.

Virtual food drives allow donors to get more bang for their buck, thanks to the wholesale buying power of food banks. This means that every dollar donated to your virtual food drive will go much farther.

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Guidelines for Hosting a Maryland Food Bank Event

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event for the Maryland Food Bank! Please read the following guidelines and submit any questions to

Your proposed event must:

  1. Raise money and/or food for the Maryland Food Bank, and
  2. Garner positive exposure for the Maryland Food Bank and hunger relief.

If you would like to have a speaker from the Maryland Food Bank at your event:

Fill out a speaker request form

Please submit requests for speakers at least four weeks prior to the event.

Promotional materials should be submitted to the Maryland Food Bank for approval prior to the promotion of the event.

Please note that the Maryland Food Bank cannot:

  • Endorse any product or service
  • Share mailing lists to promote the event
  • Allow the use of its Tax ID number when purchasing products for the event
  • Incur any cost associated with the event

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