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92% of all donations made to the Maryland Food go directly back to our hunger-fighting programs
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Where Your Money Goes

Thanks to donors like you, we’re able to provide food-insecure Marylanders with pathways out of hunger while distributing more than 102,000 meals every day. Your donations make all that we do possible — so you should know how your donation is being used. Here’s a breakdown of our FY2017 expenses:


Program Services

92% of contributions, or $67,349,137, funded our programs that are shaping a brighter future for hungry Marylanders.

Administrative Costs

3% of contributions, or $2,472,614, funded administrative costs that keep our organization running.

Fundraising Costs

4% of contributions, or $3,182,742, helped us fundraise so we can make an even greater impact in our communities.

Annual Report FY2017

In FY 17, we served the needs of food-insecure Marylanders while taking important steps to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the food bank.

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Form 990 FY2017

Maryland Food Bank Form 990 FY17

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Audited Financials FY2017

Audited Financials FY17

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Annual Report FY2016

In 2016, we increased our efficiency by redefining truck routes, implementing a new food distribution model, & reconfiguring the layout of our warehouse.

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Form 990 FY2016

Maryland Food Bank Form 990 FY16

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Audited Financials FY2016

Audited Financials FY2016

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Annual Report FY2015

Annual Report 2015

Our growth and success in reaching more hungry Maryland families is only possible due to the continued support from benefactors like you. Simply put, without you, there is no us, and the hundreds of thousands of people we serve across the state would not have food to eat. We cannot thank you enough for supporting this important work.

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Form 990 FY2015

Maryland Food Bank Form 990 FY15

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Audited Financials FY2015

Audited Financials FY2015

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A Few Programs Your Donations Fund

School Pantry

Access to to nutritious food in a safe environment


A culinary training program designed to shorten the line

Farm to Food Bank

Helping us distribute fresh, local produce to hungry Marylanders

Pantry On the Go

Pop up pantries in food-insecure communities across the state

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