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Innovative Programs for Healthier Communities

Since 1979, the Maryland Food Bank has sought to meet the immediate needs of food-insecure Marylanders while simultaneously working to find long-term ways to reduce hunger in the state. Below are outreach programs we’ve designed to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society — particularly children, seniors and the working poor.

DSS Program

Enables us to distribute emergency food boxes from our warehouse to city residents who qualify for the service.

Farm To Food Bank

Engages farms across the state in a partnership to provide hungry Marylanders with fresh, local produce.


Offers a fresh start to low-income individuals with 12 weeks of intense culinary training.

Mobile Markets

Break down barriers while improving food access, reducing stigma, and preserving dignity.

Pantry On The Go

Enables us to transport large amounts of food to areas where other forms of hunger relief are scarce.

School Pantry

Provides food-insecure children and their families with vital nutrition in a stigma-free environment.

SNAP Outreach

Sends outreach workers to community centers to help eligible Marylanders apply for food assistance.

Summer Clubs

Provide meals for children who rely on their school’s free meal programs during the school year.

Supper Clubs

Provide children in underserved communities with a nutritious meal and after-school activities.

Partnership with the Maryland Food Bank

The Maryland Food Bank has a variety of different food distribution programs. These programs have been created over time to suit the needs of our neighbors and of our partners. See if partnering with us could be a good fit for your organization.

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