Lawyers’ Campaign Against Hunger Continues to Fight for Food Justice | Maryland Food Bank

Lawyers’ Campaign Against Hunger Continues to Fight for Food Justice

Lawyers' Campaign Against Hunger

Legal Community Remains Stalwart Advocate for Food Insecure Neighbors in the Face of Surging Costs

The Lawyers’ Campaign Against Hunger wrapped up a highly successful 2022 campaign raising over $400,000 to assist the Maryland Food Bank in their mission to fight hunger. Now in it’s 46th year, this initiative brings together hundreds of members of the legal profession to raise funds, volunteer, network, and advocate for food security in Maryland.

The campaign’s 2022 efforts contributed the equivalent of more than 400,000 meals to neighbors facing hardship across Maryland. The investment of the legal community also helps the food bank provide a variety of services that help address hunger at the source, with job training programs, benefits enrollment assistance, nutrition education and more.

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In Maryland, one of the wealthiest states in the country, no child should ever have to go to school on an empty stomach. No parent should have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table.

But this is the reality for so many residents of the state right now. Between inflation and the recent reduction in SNAP benefits, more than one-third of Marylanders are struggling to pay for basic household expenses. In fact, Maryland families with children who receive SNAP benefits have experienced a loss equivalent to 63 meals a month!

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In 2023, the Lawyers’ Campaign Against Hunger will continue to bridge the hunger gap and ensure every Marylander has access to nutritious food. The need for food assistance remains high; according to the new ALICE Essentials Index, a healthy practical diet for a family of four costs approximately $1,368 per month in Maryland. Rising grocery prices have put a strain on the food bank’s budget as well, with the cost of our most popular products up 16% versus two years ago.

Lawyers Campaign Against Hunger

Raise the Bar

Fight the injustice of hunger in Maryland. Marylanders are facing higher costs than ever before, and having to choose whether they can afford to pay the bills or purchase healthy food. Join your peers in the legal community helping fight hunger by making a gift today.

Be sure to check the box “This gift is for Lawyers’ Campaign Against Hunger” so your donation will be counted as a part of this campaign.

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