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Event Proposal

The Maryland Food Bank (MFB) is fortunate to have many organizations that want to help it achieve its mission to end hunger in Maryland. Due to the frequency of requests for external promotions, we have developed these guidelines to provide clear direction on expectations for both the organization holding the promotion and the MFB.

External promotions can include food drives, fund drives, cause-marketing campaigns, and other events such as golf tournaments, etc. What they have in common is that the organization is promoting a product, event, or service to the public and that the promotion will benefit the MFB.

A Proposed External Promotion Must:

  • Raise money and/or food for the MFB
  • Garner positive exposure for the MFB and hunger relief

The Maryland Food Bank Cannot:

  • ‘Endorse’ any product or service
  • Act as an agent or perform services on behalf of an organization holding a promotion. This includes lending mailing lists for the purpose of developing sales leads, assisting in selling products or services, or recruiting promotion partners.
  • Allow the organization to use its Tax ID number when purchasing products for the event.
  • Incur any cost associated with the event.

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