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It Takes More Card Challenge

Take Our #ItTakesMore Challenge

Have a Card?

Want a Card?

Take Our #ItTakesMore Challenge

It will take more than food to end hunger – it will take you!

The #ItTakesMore challenge is your chance to show the world that with a little creativity and a little teamwork, together we can end hunger for more Marylanders:

Snap a selfie of you volunteering.

Record a video of your family donating its backyard garden bounty to your local pantry and upload it.

Share a screengrab of your virtual food drive.

Post your action to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or all three!) using #ItTakesMore

Whatever you choose to do – make sure you tag your post with #ItTakesMore and let the entire state know you are willing to stand up for our hungry neighbors.

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Follow the hashtag #ittakesmore to see the impact!

It Takes More than Food to End Hunger. It Takes You!

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