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The Maryland Food Bank’s COVID-19 Response

Although turbulence from the past year seems to be settling, one disturbing trend remains: the continued need for food assistance.

The impact of the global pandemic still rages on, as Marylanders and their families continue to seek food assistance through the Maryland Food Bank and our statewide network of community organizations.

Since March of 2020, we have proved that the food assistance safety net we’ve built over the last 42 years can withstand this crisis, but not without your support.

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Maryland Food Bank Impact

This pandemic is a crisis unlike any other. The good news is that the Maryland Food Bank is built for this; our employees, volunteers, and community of Network Partners are on the front lines every day, ensuring our neighbors have food during this challenging time. To learn more about our work, download our latest newsletter.

Our Response Since March 2020

The Maryland Food Bank supports roughly 350 Network Partners statewide that collectively provide nearly 1,450 distribution points with much-needed food for their local communities.

Enough Food to Provide

More Than 66M


was distributed between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 the equivalent of nearly 80M pounds of food



when compared to the amount of food distributed between the same 16-month period prior to COVID (March 2018-June 2019)


was spent on food between March 2020 and June 2021, compared to $7M from March 2018 to June 2019 – a 418% increase

Pounds of Food Distributed

chart showing pounds of food distributed

Dollars Spent

chart showing dollars spent


Back Up Boxes

were distributed from March 2020 through June 2021


Grab & Go Meals

were delivered to kids from March 2020 through June 2021


Pantry on the Go events

were hosted from March 2020 through June 2021

Maryland Hunger Map Estimates

Maryland hunger map 2021

According to our latest Maryland Hunger Map projection released earlier this summer, approximately 2 million Marylanders may face food insecurity in 2021. That’s roughly 1 in 3 individuals (living both below the Federal Poverty level and just above that line) who are working hard yet still struggle to make ends meet.

A Year We Won’t Soon Forget

In March 2021, MFB hosted a Virtual Town Hall where President & CEO Carmen Del Guercio joined two long-standing Network Partners, Cheryl Beulah of Aaron’s Place (Eastern Shore) and Pastor Billy Humphrey of City of Refuge (Baltimore City), to commemorate a year of COVID-19.

The group shared firsthand experiences navigating the pandemic while distributing food to struggling Marylanders, many of which were seeking food assistance for the first time.

Carmen also shared updates regarding the food bank’s emergency response one year after the crisis began and provided some insight around how we’ll be addressing food insecurity as we look ahead to the future.

Maryland Food Bank: Virtual Town Hall 3/18/2021

MFB’s FoodWorks Expands into Baltimore City

When I first walked in here, I was not as confident, not only in my culinary abilities, but in my ability to conduct a team. This gave me the opportunity to really hone in on those type of skills and put me in the position to be a leader.” – Victoria Lake, FoodWorks – Baltimore City, Class 1

The Maryland Food Bank’s Vital Volunteers

“These volunteers are just incredible. They inspire me every day.” – Paul Lynner, MFB volunteer coordinator

Visiting a Food Pantry – First-Hand Accounts

“You only have so much money to spend…this food we get here, I don’t have to buy certain foods at the store, so I save money so I can put that to a bill.” – Sandy, food recipient

In Their Words: Community Leaders on Our COVID-19​ Response

“We do not have a grocery store in walking distance here…access to food and quality food is in demand, and we’ve seen a demand before COVID and even increase since COVID.” – Peter Kannam, Henderson-Hopkins School Principal

This page was last modified on August 4, 2021.

“As we look ahead and do our best to prepare for the future, the one thing we know for certain is that this pandemic will disrupt the economy and suppress opportunity for months, if not years, to come.”


President & CEO, Maryland Food Bank

“As we look ahead and do our best to prepare for the future, the one thing we know for certain is that this pandemic will disrupt the economy and suppress opportunity for months, if not years, to come.”


President & CEO, Maryland Food Bank

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