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MFB Speakers Bureau

The MFB Speakers Bureau helps strengthen communities by bringing the voices of neighbors into our daily work and decision-making process. These voices are more important than ever to ensure that our efforts truly reflect the needs of food-insecure Marylanders and lead to better outcomes in the most dignified and effective way possible.

Members of the MFB Speakers Bureau provide critical input on feeding programs and participate in advocacy efforts, supporting MFB 3.0. They engage with local storytelling and advocacy experts who help members use the power of stories focused on their own experiences to help enact change in our communities.

What does the MFB Speaker Bureau do?

Speakers testify on bills, talk at public forums, and meet with legislators at the state level; participate in Network Partner Regional Convenings at the local level; and provide feedback and inform programmatic decisions at the food bank level.

Who’s in the MFB Speakers Bureau?

Speakers Bureau members are a diverse group of Marylanders who have lived experience dealing with food insecurity. They bring a unique set of skills, experiences, and passion to our advocacy work. Get to know some of our Speakers in our blog.

How do neighbors join the MFB Speakers Bureau?

Fill out our application form to be considered for the MFB Speakers Bureau.

Apply or Nominate

The Summer 2023 MFB Speakers Bureau cohort is full

Check back in July to apply for the Fall 2023 cohort. If you have questions before then, please contact the Speakers Bureau.

Email the Speakers Bureau

How does MFB transform neighbors into speakers?

Applicants engage in 6-8 training workshops lead by MFB staff and local storytelling, community organizing, and advocacy experts — forming a Cohort of Speakers who learn together and coalesce into a community of advocates and leaders through:

  • Storytelling — empowering speakers to use their personal experience to illustrate the actual effects of food insecurity on their lives to bring about change
  • Public Speaking/Narrative — providing speakers with data and strategy to help audiences contextualize the importance of personal experience when discussing societal issues such as food insecurity
  • Policy and Advocacy work — developing spoken and written testimony, prepping to speak with legislators, and tips for maximizing digital advocacy through social media.
I have more questions about the MFB Speakers Bureau

Questions, speaker requests, and nominations can be sent directly to the Maryland Food Bank. We are excited to hear from you!

Email the Speakers Bureau

The Summer 2023 MFB Speakers Bureau Cohort is Full

Check back in July to apply for the Fall 2023 cohort. If you have questions before then, please contact the Speakers Bureau.

Maryland Food Bank Advocacy

At the Maryland Food Bank, we recognize that food alone will not solve hunger. We know that we must address the underlying root cause issues that stem from a lack of economic stability.

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