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Click on the icons to find hundreds of quick, easy, and healthy recipes, as well as nutrition fact sheets covering topics like eating healthy on a budget, managing chronic disease through healthy eating, seasonal eating tips, and more.

You’ll be transforming nutritious foods into healthy meals everyone will love in no time!

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Culturally Inclusive Foods

If you want to share culturally-relevant information with your neighbors, look no further than here!

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Here you can find a variety of recipes for quick, easy meals, and snacks that are both healthy and convenient. These recipes focus on simple ingredients that are often distributed by food pantries or commonly found in home kitchens. The recipes do not require previous cooking experience, do not include obscure ingredients, and are prepared with minimal cooking equipment.

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Healthy Alternatives

Substituting healthy ingredients for less-healthy ingredients goes a long way toward supporting health. These handouts give tips for swapping out sugar and fats for lighter options, choosing nutritious snacks, setting aside refined grains for whole grains, and more.

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Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive, and these handouts give tips and tricks for shopping and cooking healthy on a budget. Share them with your clients and help educate them about topics such as using leftovers and creatively incorporating vegetables into meals.

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Less Familiar Foods

There are plenty of healthy, tasty foods out there to discover and explore. By introducing or encouraging foods that clients might be less accustomed to eating, these handouts increase the nutrients in clients’ diets while cutting down on food waste.

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Food Allergies & Sensitivities

If you want to share information related to food allergies & sensitivities with your neighbors, look no further than here!

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Coloring Sheets, Word Games & More

Show kids that being healthy is fun! They will learn about MyPlate, whole grains, veggies, and more while enjoying these coloring sheets, puzzles, and activities.

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Managing Chronic Disease with Good Nutrition

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Nutrition for All Age Groups

These handouts give parents and caregivers tips for creating a healthy eating environment. Topics include teaching kids to read food nutrition labels, ideas for kid-friendly veggie dishes, and engaging kids in cooking family meals.

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Seasonal Nutrition Topics

These handouts share tips for eating healthy at any time of the year. Topics include saving money by buying in-season produce and making healthy choices during the holidays.

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