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Celebrating Our 2015 Hunger Advocate Award Winners: Volunteers

In celebration of Hunger Action Month, we’re highlighting some very special individuals and organizations who have set the bar high for hunger action with their unwavering commitment to helping Marylanders in need. Each week in September, we plan to spotlight a handful of inspirational figures and explore the collaboration and generosity that moves our mission.

Individual Volunteer of the Year: Ellen Frishberg

Ellen Frishberg first began volunteering with the Maryland Food Bank in 2011, and it didn’t take long before she became part of the MFB family. Despite work responsibilities and a packed schedule, Ellen dedicated more and more time to volunteering, joining the Wednesday “regulars” for a weekly shift and leading volunteer events within her local community. Four years later, Ellen is as passionate about the work as ever, and her commitment is an inspiration to others. She practices what she preaches in a big way, and for as long as she is able to volunteer, she will continue to improve the lives of those who are hungry.

Corporate Volunteers of the Year: Marta Harting & John Stierhoff, Venable

Marta Harting’s work with the Maryland Food Bank spans a decade, and has been instrumental in helping the organization expand and grow over that time. Her first undertaking was assisting the organization,pro bono, in securing a first-ever state capital budget appropriation of $1 million toward the construction of the Baltimore Office. She then joined the food bank’s board of directors, where she served for eight years. When her term ended in 2013, she resumed lobbying on behalf of the food bank for state budget matters.

Marta’s colleague, John Stierhoff, began representing the food bank before the Maryland General Assembly and State Executive agencies in July of 2014. Together, the duo work on behalf of the organization to seek grants that assist in funding future capital campaign projects. Their contributions and service have enabled the food bank to grow into the statewide operation it is today, and they both look forward to the day when no one in Maryland ever goes to bed hungry.

Later in the month, these individuals and groups will be presented an award at a special Hunger Advocate Awards Breakfast to acknowledge their extraordinary commitment to fighting hunger in Maryland. And, who knows? Next year it could be you!

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