Moore Family Joins Save A Seat – Maryland Food Bank
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Moore Family Dedicated to Helping Others Through Save A Seat

Baltimore resident, national bestselling author, and social entrepreneur Wes Moore and his wife, Dawn, understand the importance of sharing a meal with their family. That’s why the Moores have joined the Save A Seat at Your Table campaign.

Wes and Dawn Moore love sitting down with their children every day to share a meal together. However, they understand not all Maryland families are able to enjoy the same experience.

“It is such a special moment. Every family and every child should be able to experience it,” Dawn said.

“I never want another mother or another parent to think twice about having to feed their children,” she added.

For this reason, the Moore family is supporting the Maryland Food Bank’s Save A Seat at Your Table campaign. The campaign asks Marylanders to think about their hungry neighbors in need this holiday season and to help by donating a gift online or saving a seat at their virtual table.

The Moore family hopes you will join them in helping provide meals to Maryland families in need so that they can have the opportunity to exchange meaningful interactions with loved ones.

“I think some of the most important conversations, moments and decisions are made around our kitchen table,” Wes said.

The Moores also hope to raise awareness about the issue of hunger in the state of Maryland.

“People oftentimes don’t realize how thin that line is between having food and having nothing,” Wes said.

There are more than 757,000 Maryland residents who aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from, and many of those people include families. Dawn said she can’t bear to think about the many parents who have to choose between bills and putting food on the table.

“It’s a simple concept that we can all be a part of,” Dawn said. “If we can just figure out how to dig a bit deeper and give a little more than we have before, then we can make a big difference for someone else.”

In addition to teaching their children about hunger awareness through this campaign, the Moores are also hoping their kids will learn the importance of giving back.

“At our core, we want to do something that matters to the larger community that we live in,” Dawn said.

You can help by making a donation online to the Save A Seat at Your Table campaign and by hosting a virtual table at

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