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Partner Spotlight: BACHS Healthcare

December 24, 2020

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, one of the busiest times of the year for food service and community outreach organizations, the Baltimore Area Community Health Services (BACHS) Healthcare contacted MFB for assistance feeding families in need.

An organization offering mental health services to low-income, often homeless, individuals and families in Baltimore City as well as Western and Southern Maryland, BACHS’s mission fit seamlessly into the Maryland Food Bank’s multi-faceted efforts to connect people to support systems that help them navigate pathways out of hunger.

“As a mom of three sons ages 20, 18 and 11, I am so grateful for this blessing!  I arrived early in the morning because I wanted to make sure I was able to get the food for Thanksgiving.  My sons feasted and I am forever grateful to BACHS Healthcare for providing this food for me and my kids.”


45, Food Recipient

An Innovative Partnership

“BACHS Healthcare is incredibly fortunate to have formed a partnership with the Maryland Food Bank this year,” shared Community Relations Manager Kellie Bradley on behalf of the BACHS Healthcare team. “Our clients are in priority populations, enrolled in Medicaid and other social services programs, who experience mental, emotional, and/or behavioral health challenges in addition to food insecurity.”

To assist the organization in feeding the clients they serve, MFB distributed 250 Back Up Boxes 2.0 – a healthier version of the Back Up Boxes distributed since March – packed with enough nutritious, shelf-stable foods to feed a family of four with three meals a day for a week. These food kits were also paired with a turkey to help the families prepare for Thanksgiving.

“With the box of food and turkey from BACHS Healthcare, I was able to have Thanksgiving for me, my two adult sons who have lost their jobs due to COVID, and my three beautiful grandchildren.  This was a wonderful blessing!”


58, Food Recipient

packed food boxes and bags at BACHS

“This additional food was pivotal to many of our clients,” Kellie said.  “The families we delivered these boxes to were incredibly happy and expressed how much receiving this food will positively impact them during these difficult times when many of the traditional food pantries our clients rely on have closed or have adopted abbreviated hours and distribution days.”

“I am a single mother with two girls: ages two and seven. The box of food we got from BACHS Healthcare along with the turkey allowed me to make Thanksgiving dinner for my family and my mom. This was my first time making Thanksgiving dinner since formula and diapers come first and I was never able to buy a turkey before. With this food, we had a wonderful dinner, and I didn’t have to cook again for three days!”


26, Food Recipient

While Kellie and the BACHS healthcare team was prepared to receive the food, MFB’s service and the quality of food delivered exceeded their expectations.

“Thank you, Maryland Food Bank and all of the wonderful folks who work there.  From the executives who personally took my calls and expedited them to the right departments for action, to operations who provided the resources, to the logistics people who made sure our deliveries would be here in time for the holiday, right down to the drivers who happily delivered our BUBS in the rain, we appreciate each and every one of you!”

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