Pantry On The Go

Pantry on the Go

What is the Pantry On The Go Program?

Our Pantry On The Go Program seeks and selects food distribution sites — or mobile pantries — to provide supplementary food assistance in food-insecure rural, urban, and suburban areas. This important program allows the Maryland Food Bank to distribute large amounts of food directly to communities that have little access to other forms of hunger relief.

How does The program work?

The Maryland Food Bank seeks out community organizations in food-insecure communities to serve as host sites for the Pantry On The Go Program. Once the Maryland Food Bank has selected a host site, the food bank will determine a drop-off date and send a truck with thousands of pounds of food to the designated drop-off point. Upon arrival, food is immediately unloaded and distributed by volunteers to food-insecure individuals in the community. On average, a POTG event provides 6,000 pounds of produce and/or non-perishable foods, feeding about 200 families; however, a large POTG event can serve up to 1,000 families in a single day. The goal of each is to provide immediate relief to communities that are struggling with food insecurity.

Pantry On The Go host sites can include:

  • Our network partner agencies
  • Schools
  • Retirement homes and senior centers
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Community centers
  • Other central locations in low-income communities

Our Pantry On The Go Program is a critical part of the Maryland Food Bank’s operations for a number of reasons:

  • Moving Fresh Produce
    This program allows us to quickly move large quantities of fresh produce and ensures that food-insecure clients have access to high-quality, nutritious foods that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get.
  • Strengthening Local Agencies
    A single cost-effective delivery and same-day distribution reduces the burden on local agencies that may struggle to transport and store larger quantities of food to meet the need in their community.
  • Bridging the Service Gap
    By bringing the food to our clients, we remove transportation barriers for those that may not have access to a stationary food pantry; we are also able to provide food assistance in geographic areas that our network partners cannot serve.

With continuing food insecurity and an increasing demand for food assistance, the Pantry On The Go Program gives the Maryland Food Bank a way to ensure service is provided to individuals and families throughout our service area.

For more information on this program, check out our fact sheet (PDF)!

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