Celebrating 40 Years | Maryland Food Bank

Celebrating 40 Years

It Takes More Than Food To End Hunger

The Maryland Food Bank’s 40th anniversary marks an ambitious new chapter in our history. It’s a celebration of what we’ve grown to be and where we hope to go.

What started in 1979 with the distribution of donuts from a garage in Baltimore City has evolved into an organization that brings enough resources and partners together to distribute more than 102,000 meals every day.

We are proud of the work we’ve done in the last four decades and are excited to take on new approaches to solving hunger in our state. We understand that food insecurity affects every aspect of our society and we know that it will take more than food to fight the devastation of hunger.

Celebrating 40 Years: It Takes More Than Food to End Hunger Video

Thanks to our 40th Anniversary donors, we’re building the food bank of the future for Maryland.


It Takes The Entire State

Fighting Hunger Throughout Maryland

Despite living in one of the wealthiest states in the nation, there are more than 665,000 Marylanders that go to bed unsure of where their next meal will come from.

And while some may believe that hunger is just an urban or rural problem, it is pervasive throughout every county in Maryland and affects every demographic. To combat this, we work with a vast network of supporters, corporate donors, and partners — providing food assistance from Salisbury on the Eastern Shore to Hagerstown out west.

Over the next 40 weeks, we’ll take a closer look at the innovative ways we’re fighting hunger across the state.


Besides distributing more nutritious food, we plan to leverage our vast network to offer solutions that address the “root causes” of food insecurity.

- Carmen Del Guercio

President & CEO, MFB

Food First: Expanding the Capacity of our Network Partners

The Food First Grant Program is designed to expand partner capacity, strengthening our network. The grant money will be used for a variety of capacity-building projects aimed at increasing the amount of food partners distribute, expanding their service hours, transporting and handling perishable foods, and providing additional services to help clients address the root causes of hunger.


It Takes A Net

It’s Only Possible With Feet On the Ground

We know that we are only as strong as our network. That’s why we work with more than a thousand community partners that enable us to distribute food to 21 counties and Baltimore City. With the help of neighborhood food pantries, soup kitchens, schools, and shelters — we are able to address hunger at the local level.

We wouldn’t be able to get food to communities in need without our partner retailers and wholesalers that have donated millions of dollars of food over the last 40 years.

Thanks to our interconnected relationships, we’ve grown from an organization that distributed 400,000 pounds of food in its inaugural year to one that provides that same amount of food in less than a week.

Double Your Impact for A Year

Double your impact and change lives for years to come. Make a monthly gift by April 30 and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar up to $40,000, for your first year thanks to Giant Food.

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It Takes Pathways

FoodWorks, Our Culinary Training Program, is Leading the Way

We believe that training a kitchen of unlikely chefs can chip away at generations of poverty. Our FoodWorks program provides culinary training and job placement giving low-income students a fresh start. It is our mission to ensure that pathways out of hunger exists for all people no matter their background.

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It Takes Doing the Right Thing

Our Volunteers and Community Partners Lift Up Our Mission

We’ll need more supporters like you who do the right thing, not because it looks good on paper but because it is good. Whether you’re gleaning at one of our partner farms, championing hunger programs in your community or making a monthly Sustainers gift, we could not be on this path to end hunger without you rallying around our cause.


It Takes Tired Muscles & Elbow Grease

Nutritious Food From the Eastern Shore and Beyond

We’re not only focused on the amount of food we distribute, but the quality of food we provide our neighbors: That’s where our Farm to Food Bank Program comes in. This program allows us to get our hands dirty by working with more than 50 local farms, ensuring food-insecure Marylanders get access to fresh produce. But we’re only getting started.


It Takes An Open Heart

And Partners Standing With Us

It’ll take digging deeper — in our pockets and purses as well as our passions and principles — to ensure that programs that tackle hunger continue. This will require more partners willing to stand with us and with each other.


It Takes A Village

Maryland’s Anti-Hunger Movement Continues to Grow

We need to realize that everyone is our neighbor, no matter how far away their communities are — or how different they look from the one we see outside our front door. To uplift food-insecure communities throughout Maryland, we’ll need anti-hunger advocates from every corner of the state.


It Takes Showing Up

Committing to the Cause Means Showing Up and Taking Action

Our voices need to be heard — and our actions need to be felt — from one side of the Bay to the other. Learn what our supporters are doing and how you can get involved.


It Takes A Seat At The Table

Save a Seat at the Table for a Hungry Neighbor in Need

The key to change is knowledge, understanding, and compassion for those facing everyday challenges and what it means to be food insecure. We’ll need our supporters to be a catalyst for that change.


It Takes You

Join the Movement and Help Transform Our State

Be part of the movement to end hunger in Maryland with your time, your voice, and your generosity.

40th Anniversary Donors and Sponsors



Alliance Material Handling

Carmen and Alicia Del Guercio

Hittman Family Foundation


Rick and Colleen Smulovitz

Follow Our 40-Week Anniversary Journey

Our 40th anniversary marks a change in the way we fight hunger. Join us for the ride.

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