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Tackling the Problem of Food Waste

With the gradual shift toward conscious, sustainable treatment of food in our society, reducing food waste has become a focal point for legislators, scholars, and advocates alike. It’s a travesty that so much food goes to waste when so many are hungry, and the Maryland Food Bank has built fighting food waste into the way we work. Find out how we make the best of an inefficient food system.

Food Distribution: The Core of the Safety Net

It takes more than food to end hunger — this is our guiding philosophy as we take on our 40th anniversary and beyond. But food distribution will continue to be the foundation of the food bank until hunger ends in Maryland.

How do we distribute more than 102,000 meals a day?

We Are Maryland’s Food Bank

When we say “We Are Maryland’s Food Bank,” we truly mean we. Without your support we would not be able to provide healthy and nutritious food for Maryland’s children, seniors, members of the military, and working families who want to lead productive lives, free from the burden of hunger. We do this because food is a basic human right. We do this because we can remove some of the barriers to self-sufficiency by the act of providing food.

5 Ways to Help End Food-Insecurity in Maryland

This year, make a resolution to ensure that every child, family, and individual in our state has access to the most basic human need — access to nutritious food. With your help, we can continue to change the landscape of food-insecurity in Maryland, and hopefully, make it a thing of the past.

Food Lion Feeds Great Pantry Makeover

Food Lion Feeds recently hosted their annual Great Pantry Makeover event—and this year, two Maryland Food Bank partners, Soul Harvest (Baltimore) and Delmarva Evangelistic Church (Salisbury), were two of 60 lucky feeding agencies to win. The grants from Food Lion Feeds will ultimately help build the partners’ pantry’s capacity to store and distribute nutritious food to their respected communities.

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