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Congrats FoodWorks Class 33 Graduates

We congratulate the students of FoodWorks Class 33 as they have graduated from our 12-week culinary program — leaving with a ServSafe Manager certification, job-readiness skills, and the knowledge to thrive in the culinary world.

FoodWorks class 33 paris

“The best part about Foodworks is just having people to actually, believe in me. It pushed me to believe in myself and just do better”


FoodWorks class 33 Tanesha

“We get to learn something new every day and it gives you the real world environment of being in the kitchen. You get to learn different personalities and different cuisines cause everyone in here has something different to offer to each other.”


FoodWorks class 33 Joe

“The program is fun. Like it’s never been a dull moment, even in classroom time it just fun. I’ve always wanted to learn so many different things and this program has helped me out with that”


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