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Guiding Our Evolution: The Strategy Group

Throughout FY21, we fueled Maryland’s recovery while keeping an eye on the future. Taking the lessons we learned early on in the pandemic, we refreshed our already impactful strategic plan to evolve into the more equitable, resilient, and accessible food system Marylanders need.

And leading that evolution is MFB’s Strategy Group, which uses critical tools, such as pilot programs, policy, grantmaking, and measurement and evaluation, to enhance existing programs with new ideas and partnerships that expand food access and address the underlying causes of food insecurity for more Marylanders.

“The Strategy Group was formed to improve outcomes and put more organizational resources toward creating pathways out of hunger — work that started back in 2018. Now, in 2022, we are in an incredibly strong position to produce positive results from each of MFB 3.0’s strategic pillars.”


Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Maryland Food Bank

MFB 3.0, Our Refreshed Strategic Plan

Expanding Food Access

Strengthening local food systems and eliminating barriers to food access by continuously improving our food distribution programs and the nutritional quality of all the food we distribute.

Creating Pathways Out of Hunger

Addressing the root causes of hunger for more Marylanders by expanding workforce development programs and partnerships while advocating for policy changes that can end food insecurity for good.

Organizational Sustainability & Growth

Investing resources in MFB’s ability to manage more complex needs in the future, including a DEI journey, technology, employee engagement, and fundraising.

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