Orioles Wives & Bird Visit – Maryland Food Bank
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Homerun Against Hunger: Orioles Bird, Wives and Staff Visit MFB

As part of a long-standing relationship with the Maryland Food Bank, the Orioles Wives, The Oriole Bird and Orioles staff members visited the food bank’s Baltimore facility on Wednesday, June 1 to volunteer and explore.

In celebration of the 30th Annual Food and Funds Drive kicking off this weekend, we welcomed the Orioles Wives, The Oriole Bird and Orioles staff to visit the food bank and help the hungry. While O’s staff members and the Orioles Wives sorted food on the conveyor belt, The Oriole Bird decided to go on an adventure to see the rest of the food bank.

Orioles Bird and Orioles wives volunteering
The Oriole Bird visited the conveyor belt first to help the Oriole Wives and staff sort donations to be distributed to Marylanders in need.
Orioles Bird helping a partner load their van with food
The Oriole Bird decided to do some heavy lifting in our marketplace and helped some partners load food into their trucks and vans.
Orioles Bird with our MFB Kids van
He got super excited when he saw our MFB Kids vans being loaded with Supper Club meals!
Orioles Bird helps our FoodWorks kitchen students
Then he visited our community kitchen and hung out with our FoodWorks students.
Orioles Bird drives a Maryland Food Bank truck
He was so eager to help, he even tried to take one of the trucks for a spin.
Orioles Bird loves the Maryland Food Bank
Overall, it was a good day at the Maryland Food Bank for The Oriole Bird.

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