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A Local Effort: Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Recovery

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma caused billions of dollars worth of damage to Texas and Florida. And with it, millions of people were left displaced and without basic necessities.

To help communities devastated by the storms, organizations across the nation joined forces to provide volunteers and resources to the affected areas. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, the Maryland Food Bank was among those organizations that was able to act quickly and help those in need.

Taking Action in Texas Following Hurricane Harvey

As an immediate action, the Maryland Food Bank sent down a tractor trailer — 22,388 pounds of water, juice, MREs, snacks, personal care items, and pet food — to the Austin Food Bank during the first week of September.

We also launched a Hurricane Harvey Relief Virtual Food Drive, receiving $21,852 donations from 157 donors. The donations will be designated for need-based purchases for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Four-Footed Family Members Need Help Too

When we learned that the Maryland SPCA’s Kibble Connection program was taking in 20 dogs and cats displaced by Hurricane Harvey, we also delivered four pallets of pet food, kitty litter, treats, and toys to the volunteers helping to comfort and care for the confused pets.

Plans for Post-Hurricane Irma Relief in Florida

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating blow, but before the country could begin to move forward from the very real impacts of such a storm, Irma, a Category 5 hurricane, hit Florida.

With roads in a gridlock in Florida, many residents are in dire need of resources and support. To help, we are making plans to send a tractor trailer full of food and necessities their way.


Packed with 22,280 pounds of meal replacement bars, waters, baby items, cleaning products, health & beauty aids, and more, the trailer was picked up by Feeding Tampa Bay on Friday, September 29.

Additionally, we encourage the general public to support our sister food bank – Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico – in their efforts to help the people of Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria by making donations on their website.

Committed to the Cause

Carmen Del Guercio, the food bank’s CEO & President, explained that the desire to take action serves the very core of the Maryland Food Bank’s mission.

“The Maryland Food Bank is a close-knit family, and we will do whatever we can for people who need our help — both in our local communities and other parts of the country,” he said. “We will continue to do what we can to relieve the devastation brought forth by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, while remaining committed to the cause of fighting hunger in Maryland.”

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