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Meet the MFB Family: Flo Vickers

Flora “Flo” Vickers began working in the food bank’s Salisbury warehouse, picking orders for nine years until she was offered a job at the front desk. Now she’s an all-purpose “receptionist-slash-everything” aiding partners with their orders, keeping school pantries stocked, and helping our Eastern Shore neighbors when they show up seeking assistance.

But her link to the food bank goes deeper—her departed husband and former operations manager, Bruce Chance, is fondly remembered. “I’m here to keep his memory alive because a lot of partners that have been here for a while knew him, she said.”

Flo has 13 grandchildren, ages 4 to 21, and her love of kids also keeps her motivated.

Flo Vickers in MFB Do Good t-shirt

“Helping the schools and feeding the children—that drives me. Especially in the beginning of the school year, when the parents have to pack lunches. They need more food. And I know from my grandchildren, they don’t always like to eat school food. That’s where the food bank comes in. We make sure there are good, healthy, single-serving foods on the menu for kids to take home on the weekend.”


Super Woman, Maryland Food Bank, Eastern Shore

And the schools appreciate her hard work and thoroughness in managing their orders. “Last year one of the schools sent me an email and it was a picture of a superhero,” she said, laughing. “It said, ‘Miss Flowers is a Super Woman.”

She spends her non-working hours “piddling” around the house and enjoying the company of her many grandchildren. “They say, ‘Mom-mom, can you take me here? Can you take me there?” “Although I’ve been at the food bank for 12 years, it doesn’t feel like it,” she explained. “When you love your job, you don’t work a day in your life.”

On April 28, 2023, Flo decided to hang up her cape, and retire. Our team and partners will dearly miss Flo’s positive energy and passion for serving others, but we wish her the very best in her retirement. Thank you, Flo, for your hard work and dedication! 

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