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Food, and Pathways…

Providing additional opportunity by opening more pathways is how we truly end hunger for more of our neighbors

In the 12 years since its launch, our FoodWorks culinary training program has paved pathways for hundreds of Marylanders to lift themselves out of economic insecurity. In FY22, MFB launched a new training location at Wor-Wic Community College on the Eastern Shore. Dramatically expanding opportunities for Marylanders to achieve financial stability and break the cycle of food insecurity once and for all.

FoodWorks Class 40 graduate Bria Evans epitomizes MFB’s ethos, having launched “Fresh Start Mobile Services” in the spring of 2022 to provide not only hot meals, but hot showers to neighbors who lack stable housing.

“FoodWorks elevated my skills to a level where I could apply them and scale up my efforts to help my neighbors in need,” said Chef Bria. “And without the incredible support from the FoodWorks team, there’s no way that I would be here now, and be able to do so much for so many of my neighbors.”

two Foodworks students, one black female, one black male, smiling in a kitchen

While the addition of this new FoodWorks location and MFB’s Workforce Development program means Marylanders have even more options, our FoodWorks Case Management team is providing the “and” through supportive services like SNAP, stipends to cover transportation and other incidentals, and connections to other benefits.

And because we know that legislators also have the ability (and power) to say “Yes, and…,” we’ve expanded our advocacy efforts at the local, county, and state levels to address the very systems and practices that trap people in cycles of poverty and food insecurity.

“People are never going to be able to achieve their dreams if they’re dealing with food insecurity. We partner with the Maryland Food Bank to support Marylanders’ basic needs, so people can focus on their aspirational goals. We have to invest in our communities and take care of them, because that’s the only way we’re all going to be able to fully prosper.”


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