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Holistic Support Made the Difference for Tina

We all fall short sometimes and need help,” said Tina Trice, food recipient at Haven Ministries.

In 1987, Tina was involved in a car accident that required several metal implants in her ankle, severely limiting her ability to walk, let alone work, and forcing her to access disability assistance. While she considers the financial help a blessing, she often struggles to put food on the table for herself, her four children, and 15 grandchildren that she sometimes helps care for.

“Even in a low-income home, my housing, utility, and other bills don’t leave a whole lot for food, so I am so happy that I can count on Haven Ministries. They are great for the community.”


Food recipient, Haven Ministries

Haven Ministries food pickup

With her large family, Tina appreciates being able to get things like salad and whole wheat pasta to supplement the chicken and other items she is able to afford at her local grocery store.

What’s more, the “Hope for the Eastern Shore” services that Haven Ministries has been able to offer her — much needed clothing for growing grandchildren, furniture so her family can gather around a dining room table, and occasional financial assistance with unexpected bills — really makes a difference in Tina’s budget, and her family’s quality of life.

“When things get bad, people get depressed and just don’t want to go out and do anything to help themselves, but I’m sure there are more kind places like Haven Ministries all over Maryland that can help; you just have to ask,” Tina noted.

Haven Ministries is just one of numerous partners that are providing holistic solutions to help members of their community by offering consistent access to nutritious food, and providing additional services.

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