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Debunking Foodbanking

How does the Maryland Food Bank really work?

In an age of misinformation and disinformation, we feel an even stronger responsibility to help make sure you really understand how we transform donations into accessible, healthy food and other services for our neighbors in need. We’ll continue to engage with you virtually, in person at donor events, and through our quarterly print newsletter.

Stories in our summer newsletter explore two of the biggest myths about food banking in 2022 related to the first two pillars of MFB 3.0 — our refreshed strategic plan: increasing access to nutritious foods and opening pathways out of hunger for more Marylanders.

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The Maryland Food Bank only distributes whatever food it receives or is donated.


We acquire food from a variety of sources and are very focused on the nutritional quality of the food we provide our community partners to distribute to food-insecure Marylanders. While the steady decline of donated product over the last several years means we have to purchase significantly more food than ever before (at a much higher cost), it lets us be more intentional about the type of healthy foods we place on our menu.

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Our 1,300 statewide distribution points simply receive and re-distribute food from MFB.


Yes, we collaborate with our statewide network to ensure our neighbors in need have access to nutritious food they’re able to use and enjoy. But we also work with our community partners to provide wraparound services like financial counseling, job training/placement assistance, transportation, etc. that address the root causes of hunger and give more Marylanders the chance to move forward financially.

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Is there a specific myth you’d like to see busted, or a food banking topic you’d like to see explored further?

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